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Château La France Red and White... and Cuvée Gallus are our exclusive wines. We are also importers for wine from some of the world’s best growing regions.


Bruno Mottet, Richard and Steven during wine tasting

We have created a network of both large and small distributors: SWS, RNDC, Glazer, Fedway, NJ, New England Wine Spirits, CT, Vino Leonardo, MO etc...

We have recently expanded our portfolio to include spirits like Whisky and Cognac. For a list of our wines, please contact us. Our brands are warehoused in a temperature controlled facility in North Bergin, New Jersey. We are proud to be working with distributors nationwide.

drapeau france FRANCE

Château La France

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R. Delisle Cognac


petit-drapeau-italien-5413b3 Italy

petit-drapeau-italien-5413b3 Italy


Flag_of_Argentina.svg CHILE

Flag_of_Argentina.svg ARGENTINA - MEDRANO ESTATE

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drapeau_canada Whisky

Whisky Proof

Whisky Proof

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